‘Elder Scrolls Online’ Latest Update: Bethesda Releases New Morrowind Expansion Trailer; Highlights Assassination And Political Intrigues

Bethesda has just unveiled a fresh trailer for The Elders Scrolls Online Morrowind expansion. The trailer highlights assassinations and political intrigues that involve the Great Houses of the game's regions. The game publisher claims that this expansion will even make ESO more immersive than before.

This Is A Very Immersive Game

The Elders Scrolls Online Morrowind is one of the most immersive video games today because of the incredible beauty of its open world design. The dynamism of the game's system which shifts and changes depending on the state of the game add significantly to the immersive experience gamers enjoys when playing the game. No wonder, EOS has captured the hearts of millions of gamers around the world.

The DLC Will Be Available On May 22

The Elders Scrolls Online Morrowind new trailer was accompanied by an announcement from the publisher that provided some details about the video game. It appears that PC and Mac users who buy the expansion early will be given access to its DLC starting on May 22. They will be able to play the game in advance, by about two weeks, ahead of console owners since the release of the DLC is still scheduled June 6.

Gamers Will Shift Their Allegiances

The open world setting of Morrowind expansion of The Elders Scrolls Online will be just like that of The Elders Scrolls III: Morrowind. Players of the game will get involved in the politics, intrigues, and assassinations of the Great Houses. They will be forced to change allegiances between the houses of the Telvannis, the Redorans, and the Hlaalus.

Here Are Some Additional Details

Other contents included in The Elders Scrolls Online Morrowind expansion are a story task that requires players to save Vivec City from a meteor attack, a new Warden class that provides gamers a War Bear ally, and new player vs. player battlegrounds. This latest expansion costs $40 for those who already have their own ESOs. Gamers can also buy the core game plus its latest expansion for $60.

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