Niantic Removes Certain 'Pokemon GO' Attack Animation

Despite being one of the most successful mobile games of today, Pokemon GO still has its own flaws to share. It is why Niantic has been on a roll, anticipating any possible issues that will rise. Interestingly, the studio decided to remove a particular attack animation.

Just recently, the studio released a brand new update to Pokemon GO. Although it only brought few changes, it still proved to be significant. There were changes on the game's medals screen, with the new language being added. Unfortunately, as noticed by most players, the update did some modifications on a certain animation move called Bullet Punch.

According to WWG, the move as mentioned above (deemed to be a Steel-type move) has been in Pokemon GO for a long time already. It is considered as one of the most interesting animations in the game. Basically, when a creature tends to use it, a slew of actual bullet holes automatically springs up around the defending pocket monsters.

Now, however, when the Bullet Punch move is used, the opposing Pokemon GO creature receives an array of punches instead of the gunshot wounds. Obviously, this is far different from the original animation. Niantic did not necessarily explain the changes, though it seems the developers are okay with the punches instead of the bullets.

In related Pokemon GO news, Daily Star reports that trainers will finally have a way to make things easier when it comes to evolving Gen 2 creatures. That is because the studio has just recently increased the drop rates for the evolution items, all of which can be acquired from PokeStops. All in all, there are five different evolution items (i.e. Kings Rock, Upgrade, Metal Coat, Sun Stone and Dragon Scale).

Pokemon GO players will receive these items when spinning a 7-day streak in the game. While it is possible to spin and receive these items even when not on the said day streak, the chances are still very low; hence, the update Niantic did is really an interesting one. Meanwhile, the game's official servers are currently down due to an error Niantic is fixing, as reported by Express.

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