'Overwatch' Roadhog Can Block Ults With His Body

Each Overwatch heroes have their own skills that make them special and useful from one another. However, it seems like big-bodied heroes like Roadhog have a few extra tricks up their sleeve.

Creative Way To Block Ultimate Abilities

Redditor Runnr recently uploaded a clip wherein he was playing Roadhog on the website. The netizen managed to hook a Zenyatta just as he used his ultimate ability, trapping the transcending robot in a small room. For those unaware, Zenyatta cannot attack while using his Transcendence yet he can still move around and remain invulnerable.

Runnr still managed to make the most of the situation by standing in front of the doorway and barred the robotic monk from leaving the room. That way, he ultimately shaved off a few seconds of his ultimate ability just by using Roadhog's build. With this in mind, it seems like large heroes, especially tanks, can also block enemy ultimates with their sheer size.

Overwatch Current Competitive Season End Date

That aside, PVP Live shares that the current competitive season is coming to a close quite soon. Season 4 will officially end on May 28 at 8:00 PM Eastern time. However, Principal Designer Scott Mercer claimed that the offseason will be shorter than usual and will still include an in-game timer.

In line with this, Game Director Jeff Kaplan stated that the next season would be launching around the first week of June. While Blizzard has yet to give an official release date, it seems likely that it might be on June 1. If so, players have less than two weeks to prepare for their upcoming matches.

Meanwhile, those who competed this season will be rewarded with a certain amount of CP depending on their current rank. Fans can use this in-game currency to purchase golden weapons for their preferred characters. Overwatch is now available for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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