'Overwatch' Lead Writer Shares Thoughts On A Feline Character

Overwatch contains a unique cast ranging from humans, robots and even a monkey which all have distinct traits. In line with this, it seems like a future character might involve a jetpack cat.

Overwatch Lead Writer Shares Thoughts On Robot Cat

According to VG247, the conceptual jet pack cat might actually turn into a reality. Lead Writer Michael Chu recently held an AMA at Reddit wherein the conversation eventually shifted towards the flying feline that was once used in the game. One Redditor asked Chu what kind of backstory he would create the jetpack cat with the writer responding that he has been thinking about the certain concept lately.

He claimed that he was not around during its initial concepts, but Chu brought up the idea of Torbjorn having a "particularly interesting car." With this in mind, he slyly implied that the agent could have crafted some materials for the animal which would lead to the birth of the flying feline. While this idea might have raised some expectations, Chu followed up the statement shortly with the phrase "STANDARD DISCLAIMERS APPLY."

Possible Future Heroes In The Game

While the first-person shooter might not be including any flying cats soon, Kaplan stated that the team was far along with the next hero, as per Express. While Blizzard has yet to share any official details, there have been several leaks stating that he will be an offensive character that can be used to counter Roadhog and Reinhardt.

Similarly, there have been more rumors about two upcoming heroes, Ivon and Bria. The former will supposedly play a more defensive role while the latter specializes in locking down certain areas of the map. However, fans should take the information with a grain of salt until Blizzard makes an official announcement.

Until then, fans can try out the latest hero released last March, Orisa. The robot supposedly acts as an anchor tank as she can deploy various shields around the area while providing support by grouping enemies together. Overwatch is now playable for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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