'Overwatch' D.Va Officially Joins 'Heroes Of The Storm', Details Here

Overwatch hero D.Va finally makes her way to the Nexus in Heroes of the Storm. Along with everyone's favorite Korean girl gamer, fans can also undertake the last challenge to earn loot boxes.

D.Va Joins Heroes Of The Storm

According to PC Gamer, the latest Heroes patch has just been released with the main highlight being the addition of the Korean gamer, D.Va. For those unaware, she hails from Blizzard's first-person shooter and joins the ranks of her fellow heroes Tracer, Lucio, Genji, and Zarya.

Just like in the main game, her kit in Heroes primarily focuses on her Mech mode complete with the Defense Matrix and Boosters. However, her Matrix does not absorb damage but merely reduces it by 75 percent. Her ultimate ability, Self-Destruct, also makes it to the MOBA which destroys her mech and deploys her into Pilot mode. However, it is worth noting that D.Va's ultimate ability in Heroes is "Big Shot" which significantly reduces her Call Mech Cooldown and "Bunny Hop" that was modeled after her emote from the main game.

Finishing The Nexus Challenge

Similarly, players can also do the last quest in the Nexus challenges which earns them loot boxes for the first-person shooter, as per PVP Live. Previous rewards for the said game were the Oni Genji Skin, D.Va Police Skin and a D.Va Spray and Portrait. Now, those who manage to complete five games of Quick Match, Unranked Draft or Ranked will earn a whopping ten loot boxes.

For those who were not able to earn the two Overwatch skins are still in luck as Blizzard plans to put them in loot boxes in the future. However, the company is yet to reveal when it will actually do so. Until then, fans will have to wait for further news regarding more challenges and additional characters for the game. Those who want to try out D.Va can download Heroes of the Storm for free on the PC.

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