‘Pokemon Sun And Moon’ Version 1.2 Is Now Ready For Download; Comes With Fixes For Bugs And Glitches

This latest news is good for die-hard fans of Pokemon Sun and Moon. It appears that its publisher, Game Freak, is fulfilling its promise to support the title continuously by releasing Version 1.2, the game's latest update. This patch is now ready for download and comes with a lot of bug and glitch fixes.

Online Players Will Not Miss This Update

Online players of Pokemon Sun and Moon will not miss getting this latest update. When they start the game using the 3DS menu, they will be prompted get the patch. If they choose to get this patch, they can readily download it from the 3Ds eShop. Version 1.2 is required if players want to join online battles.

Version 1.2 Will Eliminate Six Bugs And Glitches

What are the items included in Pokemon Sun and Moon Version 1.2? The items are primarily for fixing the bugs and glitches that prevent players from fully enjoying the game. According to Game Freak, this update will fix six bug and glitches in the game. One of the fixes will eliminate a glitch in Poke Pelago when the game enters a new month.

This latest patch of Pokemon Sun and Moon will also fix the problem of Pokemon not being able to attack and switch when the player uses Sky Drop, or when he is beaten down because of Spiky Shield's destructive move. Version 1.2 will also correct the glitch that bothers players at the end of a tournament if they had pre-registered in a Friendly Competition online.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Version 1.2 will also eliminate the problem of Scatterbug not being able to learn Egg Moves sometimes, and eggs occasionally being able to be given items. This update also aims to solve a rare problem where the game stops when the player uses an Evolution item if it is the last item in his bag. Hopefully, once this patch is downloaded, players will no longer be bothered by these problems when they're playing the game.

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