‘Pokemon Sun And Moon’ Latest News: Four New Mega Stones Now Available

Fans of Pokemon Sun and Moon who want to beef up their roster of monsters will welcome this latest news. Nintendo has recently announced that four new mega stones are now available in the game. Acquiring these stones will increase the powers of the Pokemon monsters on a player's roster.

These Four Mega Stones Will Boost The Fighting Power Of Pokemon Monsters

According to this latest news, the Pokemon monsters that could benefit from these four mega stones are Houndoom, Steelix, Heracross, and Pidgeot. Nintendo says that these Pokemon Sun and Moon characters will get their extra power boost once they are infused with the elements coming from the stones. These stones are not seen in the wild, but a gamer can add them to his Pokemon Bank by using a Poke Transporter from his previous games.

Here Are The Simple Steps

It takes only a few simple steps to get these four mega stones in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Obviously, the first step is to boot the game. Once the game is running, the player needs to access the Mystery Gift screen and then choose "Receive Gift." After that, the player must then need to select "Get with Code/Password," which is "AZUL" and then click "Yes," and "Yes" again to connect to the internet.

Next, the player must type in the given code or password "AZUL," and then head over to the delivery man in any Pokemon Center. The player has to speak to the delivery man, who will give him the four mega stones. Finally, the player needs to save the game.

Once players have the four megastones, they can use them to beef up the powers of Houndooom, Steelix, Heracross, and Pidgeot especially when they are fighting another monster in Pokemon Sun and Moon. The stones are actually named Houndoominite, Steelixite, Heracronite and Pidgeotite.

Nintendo Did Not Specify When This Offer Will End

It is the first time Pokemon Sun and Moon is giving out these four mega stones. They were not available before. Therefore, Players should take this opportunity to get these four mega stones as long as they are still available. Nintendo did not specify as to how long this offer will last.

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