'Overwatch' Update: Blizzard Reveals Season 4 End Date, Hints Season 5's Release

The current season of Overwatch competitive is nearing its end, with players wondering what sort of things the next season will bring. Nevertheless, the exact date and time the fourth season will end have finally been revealed. It should give fans enough time to keep things going in the current season.

According to the official forum site of Overwatch, the fourth season is expected to end come May 28 at 8 PM ET. It was the principal designer of the game named Scott Mercer who announced the official date and time. Interestingly, he got some news that will definitely interest most of the fans of the titular shooter game.

Mercer iterated that unlike before, the window between each season from here on will be shorter. He is basically referring to the off-season, which happens before a new season arrives. He also added that Blizzard is working on a timer that will help players know the end times of the current season.

As of this writing, it remains a mystery as to when the fifth season of Overwatch Competitive Play will happen. However, game director Jeff Kaplan mentioned in the past that they plan to unleash it sometime in early June, as reported by PVPLive. However, of course, until this is officially announced, it should still be taken with a grain of salt.

Forbes, on the other hand, reports that it is probably time for Blizzard to introduce some brand new permanent items to Overwatch. The publication is referring to a supposed event, which is believed to run until June 5. Hence, if this is true, then it should start a week from this time of writing.

The idea is for the video game company to bring permanent items to the Overwatch loot pool. These are items that do not stop spawning from loot boxes soon after a select period ends. Think about the skins, which are removed soon after an event ends. Perhaps Blizzard can do something about them and make them available even in new events.

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