Blizzard Reveals Upcoming 'Overwatch' Features, Details Here

Blizzard has always highlighted its plans of improving Overwatch, though it did not necessarily unveil any specifics. Among the features it has been looking forward to developing is the ability save and export. Well, interestingly, it seems the studio is just a few steps closer to achieving it.

As posted on the official forum site of Overwatch, director Jeff Kaplan revealed that the Save/Export feature is one of their main focuses. "The team is working extremely hard on this and has been for months," he said. Kaplan promised that more details about this feature would be unveiled come summer.

According to GameSpot, the game currently archives a total of five Highlights in each session. The only catch, however, is that these are automatically removed once players exit the game. Fortunately for players, they have found their way to bypass this through recording and whatnot. Although, having the ability to do this from within the game is an entirely different story.

Kaplan also went to announce some of the features they are working for Overwatch. Among these is the Gun Game-type mode. He also went to comment on Sombra's sitting emote, which he said to be arriving in the game via a major content. Above all, he mentioned about the next season (fifth) of the game's Competitive Play, which will be starting come June.

IGN, on the other hand, reports that that video game company has just revealed the Uprising event stats of Overwatch. The studio announced that there were around 67 million victories while the Null Sector came out on top at 78-plus million times. All in all, there were around 145 million matches completed for the said event, which arrived last month.

The statistics mentioned above only shows that Overwatch continues to grow in player size. It seems that in every event, more and more players are jumping on board. It only goes to show that Blizzard is doing an impressive job in keeping the momentum.

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