'For Honor' Dataminers Acquired Key Information On New Executions, Mood Effects

It is no secret that recently Ubisoft brought a brand new update to its fighting-style title called For Honor. It is basically patch 1.07, which brought tons of exciting stuff. Apparently, dataminers were able to acquire information about the supposed executions and mood effects in the game.

According to PVPLive, in a recent datamine from the aforementioned For Honor update revealed what appears to be a set of executions and mood effects. It is worth noting that the studio is known for uploading future contents or whatnots in every update they release. The main purpose is to simply make the process of introducing these upcoming features with ease.

Interestingly, this is the case with patch 1.07's arrival in the game. Dataminers were able to obtain key information about the above-mentioned features, suggesting that they are to be expected sooner or later. However, since these were obtained via datamining, no one can tell when exactly they will arrive.

In a YouTube video from xDeadzx, it is safe to say that Ubisoft has a lot of ideas when it comes to finishing off opponents in For Honor. As seen in the footage, each of the datamined execution showcases the brutality that the developers introduced since the launching of the game. The interesting thing here is the fact that they are balanced with the existence of the mood effects.

Currently, the studio has only introduced a small quantity of mood effects to each class in For Honor. For instance, the Knights is given the Fire while the Samurai is to the Sakura Blossoms. Lastly, the Odin's Lightning is for the Vikings. Add to these, though, are the Sun Beam and Shadow Mist for all factions.

However, based on the datamined information from the For Honor patch 1.07, more mood effects are expected to arrive to the game soon. There is the Blackstone for the Knight and Jade for the Samurai, while the Ice is for the Viking. There are three other mood effects (i.e. Plasma, Deathmist and Snow), all of which are for all factions in the game.

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