Samsung Needs To Do These With The Galaxy S9 To Correct The Galaxy S8's Mistakes

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is making a killing right now. The flagship from the Korean tech company reportedly garnered over 5 million in sales just in its first month. Most tech reviews center on the impressive intricacies of the Galaxy S8 particularly its brilliant and beautiful design and incredible performance. However, as the timeless adage goes, nothing is perfect. Samsung has to make the necessary adjustments to correct its few mistakes with the Galaxy S8 and apply them on its next flagship, the Galaxy S9.

Let's start with the fingerprint scanner. If there is one thing that is strikingly wrong with the Galaxy S8 is the placing of the said sensor. Samsung needs to realize that what it did was a huge mistake and fix this with the Galaxy S9. Aside from the location, the fingerprint sensor needs to work better. It lags behind the likes of the cheaper Moto G5 in terms of speed and accuracy.

Speaking of speed, Samsung will do well if it makes the Galaxy S9 faster than the Galaxy S8. As Forbes mentioned, the Galaxy S8's speed is not what one would expect from a $700 premium smartphone. Despite having the latest Snapdragon 835, the Galaxy S8 still fell behind the Galaxy S7, Google Pixel and even the OnePlus 3T.

Samsung has at least one full year to work on its digital assistant. It was a major fail that Bixby was not available at launch. Reports coming from Korea, where Bixby is already available, are not good ether. This is quite disappointing considering AIs are a huge hit right now. Forbes went on to say that it might even be better if Samsung completely ditched Bixby.

Samsung put so much effort on the Galaxy S8's battery to make sure it will not go the way of the Note 7. So far there are no reports of exploding batteries but the Galaxy S8 seem to have a problem with fast charging. Simply put, its "Adaptive fast Charge" feature is not charging fast enough. The Samsung galaxy S9 should come with something like the USB-PD or the Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 (the Galaxy S8's tech is based on the outdated 2.0 version).

The Samsung Galaxy S9 needs to have a dual lens camera. Most flagship smartphones coming this year will have dual cameras. The Galaxy S8 was rumored to come with such features but ended up sticking with a 12-megapixel single-lens camera which is underwhelming, to say the least.

BGR pointed out that rumors circling the Galaxy S9 are already making the rounds. According to the buzz, Samsung and Qualcomm have begun work on a more advanced processor which is expected to be called the Snapdragon 845. As with the Galaxy S8, Samsung got exclusive rights to Qualcomm's newest CPU. Since the two companies are said to at it already, expect the Galaxy S9 to also be powered by the Snapdragon 845 exclusively before it becomes available to other companies. The next Snapdragon chip will be produced by either Samsung or TSMC as reports indicate. A smartphone with the latest processor needs other high-end features to truly perform well. This means Samsung should increase the RAM from a measly 4GB.

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