Tesla Model 3 New Spy Shot Surfaces, See What's In Store

New spy shots of the Tesla Model 3 has come out and it reveals what's inside the much-anticipated car from the Elon Musk-helmed company. Another set of spy shots got a clear look of the Model 3 prototype's exterior.

As BGR reported, Tesla is highly likely working overtime to meet the promised delivery of the initial pre-ordered Model 3 units sometime during the latter half of 2017. Some analysts, however, believe that Tesla will be unable to meet the demand for the Model 3. Pundits also think that the Model 3 will sell for more than what the promised base price would be. This is mostly because buyers will likely opt for upgraded features. Tesla is scheduled to start mass production of the Model 3 in July which is why there have been numerous sightings of the car's prototypes on the road.

That said, practically everybody knows what the Tesla Model 3 would look like from the outside. For those who have yet to see the Model 3, Electrek got a new set of high-resolution photos of its prototype. What people know less about is the interior of the car. The latest spy shots, however, show that the Model 3 will sport a wooden trim along its interior. This elegant finish is a far cry from what we've seen with previous Tesla cars. The company likely listened to its fans and consumers who see their cars' interiors as a tad boring.

Electrek also got dibs on the supposed spy shots which captured the left side of the Model 3. The image shows that the window of the seat next to the driver is open halfway giving the shooter a slightly clear of the dashboard. Besides the steering wheel is, of course, the touchscreen. Like previous Tesla cars, the dashboard is bare and has nothing of the futuristic design elements that some fans are hoping for. As mentioned, what Tesla did with the dashboard is to give it an elegant wooden trim. The change is nothing dramatic but it at least gives the car a new look.

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