Kristen Stewart Open To 'Twilight' Reboot With One Condition; Actress Busy Preparing For Her Wedding?

Actress Kristen Stewart is considering an offer for a “Twilight” reboot only if one condition is met. The actress is reportedly in the midst of preparing wedding arrangements with girlfriend Stella Maxwell.

Kristen Stewart Will Do “Twilight Reboot” In One Condition

It has been five years since the last film from the “Twilight” saga was released. “Twilight” premiered in 2008 and has spawned four sequels. Based on Stephenie Meyer’s books, the film adaptations were incredibly successful in the box office despite the decline in its critical reception.

Lionsgate Motion Picture Group co-chairman, Patrick Wachsberger stated that there is always a possibility of a new “Twilight” film and it depends on what Meyer wants to do with the characters. With a reboot probably happening anytime soon, Kristen Stewart has revealed that she will consider reprising role as Bella Swan even if she thinks a reboot won't happen. However, this comes with the condition that her personal life is not hindered or that it will not emotionally affect her in any way.

Wedding Bells Ringing Soon For Kristen Stewart And Stella Maxwell?

Stewart has revealed that modern times has liberated her choices in life. Her choice to have her personal space not to be thwarted when “Twilight” reboot plans on the way seem plausible especially when she’s reportedly in the midst of planning a wedding. According to Blasting News, an insider has revealed that Stewart and her girlfriend Stella Maxwell, a Victoria Secret model, are currently living together, which brought up several speculations that the two are prepping up to tie the knot soon.

The couple’s wedding plans reportedly include an intimate ceremony that will be held outdoors in South Carolina. Stewart and Maxwell, who have been dating for five months, have yet to confirm the wedding rumors. However, some reports have pointed out that wedding rumors aren’t true at all after a popular tabloid published the made-up story.

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