George R.R. Martin Still Working On 'Winds Of Winter'; 'Game Of Thrones' Spinoffs Distracted Him?

Writer George R.R. Martin has posted an update on his works and revealed that he is still working on the highly anticipated novel, “The Winds of Winter”. Fans are speculating that the novel will be delayed again with Martin working on several “Game of Thrones” spinoffs.

“The Winds of Winter” Won’t Be Released Anytime Soon

George R.R. Martin took five years to finish “A Dance With Dragons”, which is the fifth installment in the “A Song of Ice and Fire” novel series, and it was finally published in July 2011. Almost six years later, fans are still wondering about the sixth book, “The Winds of Winter”. The author has assured fans several times that he is working on it as well as the last book, “A Dream of Spring”.

In the past few months, there were suggestions that Martin will finally release “The Winds of Winter” this year since “Game of Thrones” Season 7 will be making its debut this July. However, the release may be delayed once again since Martin revealed he has been working on the scripts of five “Game of Thrones” successor shows. Despite his efforts on trying to complete the sixth novel, he clearly is prioritizing the completion of the scripts.

George R.R. Martin Wants To Clone Himself

Martin is not oblivious to fans’ frustrations towards the unreleased books. Even though he is quite swamped with additional script work, he assured fans that he will keep working on the novel until it is done. He also confessed that he has been juggling with his projects now that he wish he had a clone so he could at least squeeze in some time to take a rest. He had hoped to release “The Winds of Winter” this year and is probably still trying to achieve that but he revealed that the book is still not finished though there has been some progress.

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