'Winds Of Winter' Release Date Updates: George R.R. Martin Assisting 'Game Of Thrones' Spin-off Shows Writers; Sixth 'Song Of Ice And Fire' Book Comes After 'GOT' Finale

A lot of "Song of Ice and Fire" fans are almost on the verge of giving up on the sixth book of the series, "Winds of Winter," which is already delayed for over a year now. While George R.R. Martin previously promised to have his novel released before another "Game of Thrones" season premieres, fans will have to extend their wait once again as the spin-offs of the show are keeping the novelist fully loaded. It is then predicted that "Winds of Winter" will land on the shelves only after the "GOT" finale.

George R.R. Martin gave a straightforward update about "Winds of Winter" on his personal blog post last Sunday. While the author gave the "Game of Thrones" fans a stirring confirmation of the rumored spin-offs of the HBO show, Martin, on the other hand, has delivered a quite disappointing news to the followers of his fiction novel.

The famed novelist hinted on his participation on the upcoming spin-offs of "Game of Thrones." Fans of both the HBO show and the "Song of Ice and Fire" franchise know very well that the HBO series has been one of the reasons why George R.R. Martin cannot deliver "Winds of Winter" on time. The said novel was supposed to be the base material of "Game of Thrones" Season 6 and Martin promised to release the book before the installment's release. However, fans are growing disappointed since "GOT" is already heading to another season but "Winds of Winter" is not yet close to being finished.

There were talks about "Winds of Winter" getting published before "GOT" Season 7 release in July, but George R.R. Martin has just debunked the reports as he wrote on his blog that he is still writing the book. He also mentioned about several other projects that he is currently involved in, including the "Game of Thrones" spin-offs.

Rumors are then rife that "Winds of Winter" might already be printed after the series finale of "GOT" which will come down in 2018. It is, however, hard to tell whether the new deadline will finally be met or once again set to disappoint as George R.R. Martin is reportedly prioritizing his T.V. projects over his books. Fans will have to take the talks though with a grain of salt as Martin promised not to stop his writing stints on the "Song of Ice and Fire" franchise until he delivers "Winds of Winter."

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