‘Pokemon GO’ Latest News: Nintendo Exec Says Legendary Coming This Summer

The latest news indicates that there will be a legendary coming to Pokemon GO this summer. No less than an executive of Nintendo has given this hint recently. Fans who are raring to get their hands on a new legendary can look forward to having their wishes fulfilled soon.

A Legendary Is Coming To 'Pokemon GO'

After months of teasing, Archit Bhargava, global product marketing lead at Nintendo, clearly stated recently that "this summer will be legendary." The Nintendo exec gave this statement at the recently held Webby Awards. Incidentally, the latest news also says Pokemon GO won the "Best Mobile Game" award in that event.

Teasers for this Pokemon GO legendary have been coming from Nintendo executives ranging from John Hanke, CEO, to Yoshiji Kawashima, General Manager. Apparently, the top tier management of Nintendo wants to hype the future appearance of the likes of Ho-Oh, Articuno, and Mewtwo. According to the latest news, their latest hype was unleashed at the 21st Webby Awards, organized by the International Academy of Digital Arts.

It Will Happen This Summer

While Bhargava gave the latest teaser for Pokemon GO legendary, he did not elaborate on what or how it will be done. Winners of the Webby Awards were restricted to around five words for their acceptance speeches. The least he hinted on was the season. At least fans know that it will happen this year.

However, his short reference to the legendary was enough to make the fans ecstatic. Avid fans of Pokemon GO have eagerly waited for the release of this legendary. Some gamers have even created their own and earned the backlash from Niantic Lab.

Will It Be Articuno, Zapdos Or Moltres?

So, if words from no less than Bhargava can be relied upon, fans can expect a Pokemon GO legendary to be unveiled starting on June 21. But the latest news indicates that Niantic is still mum as to which of the legendaries will take center stage when summer comes. Some say it will either be Articuno, Zapdos or Molters since they are the ones featured on the game's team logos.

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