'Destiny 2' Story Featured In-Game, No More Grimoire Cards, Says Bungie

It is a given fact that the storytelling elements in the original Destiny game left a bad taste in a lot of gamer's mouths. It is understandable that players are also concerned about how Destiny 2 will handle its story content. However, it has finally been confirmed by Bungie that the sequel will no longer feature Grimoire Cards. These elements were used by the developer to tell the game's story in the first game.

The Grimoire Cards were obtained when gamers completed certain game modes in the original game. They apparently provided some insights and back stories about the game's universe. It was the only way players could understand the story elements of the original title. According to Game Rant, Bungie officially confirmed that the Grimoire cards were not returning in Destiny 2. Steve Cotton, Destiny World Lead, says the "the answer to that question is no."

According to IGN, Cotton states that the reason behind the Grimoire Cards removal from Destiny 2 "is because we want to put the lore in the game." It seems that this time around, Bungie has integrated the story with the game's missions and other activities. It looks like the sequel's story will be considered a significant improvement over the 2014 title. The sequel is set to welcome PC gamers for the first time into the world of Destiny, so it is understandable that the developer wants to make it successful.

With the Grimoire Cards gone, Destiny 2 will reportedly feature a new option during their adventures. It's still a mystery on how Bungie will supplement the new storytelling process featured in the sequel. It is speculated that the new option will allow players to discover backstories related to the game's items like armor, weapons, and more.

Just recently, Nolan North has reportedly revealed that Bungie has already planned out the story content until Destiny 3. It just goes to show the developers listened to fan feedback before they started work on Destiny 2. Grimoire Cards are finally a thing of the past as the sci-fi shooter shifts to in-game storytelling onwards.

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