Nolan Noarth Reveals 'Destiny 3' Plans Already On The Way

Fresh from just a few days after Bungie officially shared the first gameplay videos for Destiny 2, rumors have already circulated about the sci-fi shooter's next installment. Reports have stated that Nolan North claims that the developer has already planned out the story for Destiny 3. North has reprised his role as the ghost of the player's guardian in the popular FPS. The voice actor's statement has apparently ignited the rumor mill once again.

The developer's Destiny 2 gameplay live stream obviously confirmed the long-rumored story for the sequel. The Cabal has finally invaded the Last City and has captured the Traveler. The floating orb has provided the Guardians with their abilities and skills to protect the light, with its capture, players will reportedly fight to take back their powers and free the Traveler from the grasp of the Cabal, says Game Rant. Nolan North's talk about Destiny 3 has fans speculating about how the story continues after the sequel is finished.

It seems that Nolan North is already onboard with Bungie all the way till Destiny 3 begins development. His involvement obviously confirms his return as the player's ghost, which hints at the guardians continued connection with the Traveler. However, gamers can only speculate as to what will unfold during the events in Destiny 2. The original game's story was considered by most fans as a mess when it started out.

Industry experts claim that the first game's story was completely reworked close to launch. Various story contents were cut-out and moved around into DLCs and might even be reintroduced in Destiny 2. Nolan North's comment that the developer has already prepared the lore in Destiny 3 apparently confirms Bungie's commitment to improving the game's story content.

It has already reported that new subclasses will be featured in Destiny 2. Fans expect the game's story mode to explain more about these new abilities came to be. Despite Nolan North's comments, gamers should also take into consideration that Destiny 3 might be a long way off, given the several expansions expected by fans from Bungie similar to the original game.

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