iPhone 7S Could Be The Biggest Announcement Of Apple This Year Not The iPhone 8

While the iPhone 8 is gathering online attention with its features, price and release date, it’s not going to be the real star of 2017. Caught alongside Apple's 2017 flagship is the smartphone that will save the firm from the twin embarrassment of supply shortage and extremely high-priced devices. This Apple smartphone is none other than the iPhone 7S.

New iPhone 7S Images Reveal

According to Forbes, a new backup plan image leaked and it shows three Apple iPhones that are expected to release this year. One design shows a vertical cut-out suitable for a rear dual-lens camera, which is assumed to be the iPhone 8. To the leftmost is a larger model with a similar horizontal camera that appears to be the iPhone 7S Plus. To the right handset is the smallest unit with a single circular lens cut out and presumably assumed as the iPhone 7S.

This leaked image is not an official confirmation from Apple but another fascinating piece of evidence that the tech giant is planning a two-fold strategy release. While the assumed titled of Apple iPhone 8 will carry all rumored features such as the curved screen, OLED display, wireless charging and much more, it will not be the only one to be the 2017 champion. Instead, Apple will stick to its technique of a careful and repetitive approach to releasing devices.

Release Date Of iPhone 8, 7S And &7s Plus

According to Trusted Reviews, it is not possible to verify the legitimacy of these images that leaked. However, one thing for sure is that Apple is tipped to be plotting significant hardware upgrades for each iPhone model. And those most-awaited ascents are similar to the Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6.

The Cupertino-based company is expected to announce all the three iPhones during Apple's Annual September keynote. Aside from that, there are also additional devices that are said to be unveiled such as a new iMac, MaBook Air, 10-inch iPad, Apple Watch and much more. However, as of now, no such plans have been officially confirmed.


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