Donald Trump And Melania Prepared Divorce Before Elections? Chelsea Handler Says Melania Will Become An American Hero

U.S. President Donald Trump is swarmed again with news and this time it focuses on his marriage. Rumors have it that his marriage is on the rocks and that he and Melania have reportedly planned their divorce even before the elections.

Donald Trump And Melania Planned Divorce Beforehand?

President Donald Trump and first lady Melania are facing another set of claims about their marriage. A former White House employee reportedly revealed that the couple has signed divorce papers before the elections but did not file them. If this is true, it is an indication that the two has been in a rocky relationship.

The said White House staff revealed on Twitter that Trump and Melania were ready to part ways. However, the divorce was put off when Trump unexpectedly won the presidential elections in 2016. The couple’s relationship has always been in the limelight, with people saying that there is evident tension between them, which especially shows on how awkward the two interact with each other.

Chelsea Handler Wants Melania To Leave Donald Trump

American actress and television host, Chelsea Handler has voiced out her thoughts on Trump and Melania’s rumored divorce. The actress showed her support for Melania and said it would be great if the first lady actually left Trump. She didn’t think highly of Trump, even saying that Trump is like a toddler that lacks the ability to pay attention for a long time. If Melania divorced Trump, she would be heralded as an American hero, according to Handler.

Handler also shared that she had always had a fantasy wherein Melania would just come out and announce that she’s leaving Trump. In Handler’s dream, Melania divorces Trump and tells the whole world about Trump’s dirty secrets. Handler is widely known for being vocal about her views and was an avid supporter of Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential elections.

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