'Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle' Leaks As The Next Big Switch Title

It seems that a crossover of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is coming on the Nintendo Switch. This is what fans can deduce from an art leak that was posted online recently. Apparently, this upcoming title will be released in August.

The First Artwork Was Leaked Online

Ubisoft has released the first artwork for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. FatalFlowey, a certain twitter user leaked the artwork showing a rabbid dressed in a Princess Peach outfit. This next big Switch title will be an RPG. It seems that it will use a turn-based battle system where gamers are offered the option for two-player co-op.

The Game Will Star The Mario Brothers And Four Rabbids

Based on leaked information, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle will feature brothers Mario and Luigi. They will be accompanied by Yoshi and Peach as expected. Being a crossover, this Switch title will also have four rabbids. These rabbids will be wearing outfits similar to the attires of the four Mario characters.

The leaks also say that all of these characters in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle will be using laser guns in their battles. If not for FatalFlowey, other people would not have seen the leaked artwork. The person who posted it initially quickly deleted his post. Fortunately, FatalFlowey was able to save a screenshot of the artwork and posted it on his social media account.

The Gameplay Will Have Four Worlds

It appears that Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is being developed using Ubisoft's Snowdrop engine. Aside from being a turn-based combat system, this Switch title will also feature a crazy sense of humor. In addition, the video game will feature four worlds. Each of these worlds will be twisted places typical of the Mario game and will be full of Easter eggs.

The gameplay of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle will consist of 35 percent exploration and 65 percent combat. It is estimated that this next big Switch title will take around 20 hours to complete. As mentioned before, gamers are given the ability to local co-op with another player.

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