Is Brad Pitt Back In The Dating Game? Angelina Jolie Is Not Yet Ready

Supercouple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt broke millions of hearts around the world when it was revealed that their relationship was on the rocks. Since they separated, eyes were always on them, especially on their potentially new relationships.

Brad Pitt Finally Moves On From Brangelina?

In September 2016, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie devastated fans when the latter revealed that she is filing for divorce. The divorce actually came as a surprise even to Pitt, who was oblivious of what Jolie had planned. The two has been separated since then and are still settling for the custody of their children.

It has been a while since the two were separated and none of them have been seen with new partners but reports are saying that there are sightings of Pitt finally getting back to the dating scene. Pitt is reportedly in better spirits since the separation especially that the situation has calm down. According to an insider, the actor has been inviting people over and looks much happier while mingling with old friends.

Angelina Jolie Does Not Want Brad Pitt In Any New Relationship?

Pitt is in good shape nowadays especially when he is finally able to work alongside Jolie again. The two are reportedly talking more often nowadays since the separation and some fans are even hoping for them to get back together. However, this probably will not happen and even so, Pitt has also announced that he is in no hurry nor is he interested right now in looking for the next Mrs. Pitt.

As for Jolie, a source from Hollywood Life said that though the couple has gone through a painful split, the actress is not ready to see Pitt dating other women. The source added that Jolie will not be happy if Pitt suddenly moves on. The actress recently started patching things up with Pitt after it was revealed she bought a new house just a mile away from Pitt’s home because of their children, who were fond of both parents.

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