'Steven Universe' Season 5 Might Be The Last Installment Of The Animated Series

The next season of “Steven Universe” will be making its premiere next week. Amidst the hype, there are reports that this upcoming season will be the last installment of the animated television series.

Cartoon Network has already scheduled the fifth season of “Steven Universe” to air this May 29. The new season will run for 26 episodes. The synopsis for the first four episodes have already been revealed, which will showcase Steven and the Lars finding a way to escape the Homeworld-bound ship. The next episodes get intense as Steven is put to trial along with the Diamonds and even find new unexpected allies. Steven will also be meeting the real Lars in the fourth episode.

Steven Universe” is a popular series but even with its intriguing plot, some viewers find it hard to keep up with the show. This is because the episodes are usually aired in lumps and between an indefinite duration of time. This makes it hard for people to follow through with what is going on. “Steven Universe” Season 5 will make its debut on May 29 and as expected it will be airing all new and first four episodes on the same date.

Amidst news of a comeback, there are speculations that “Steven Universe” Season 5 might be the last installment of the said series. This rumor has reportedly been brought up to the creator of the show, Rebecca Sugar, but she neither confirmed nor denied the notion. Cartoon Network has yet to announce whether or not the animated show will be given a sixth season. However, with more than 20 episodes yet to air, it is too early to assume that the show might go down the drain. This is highly unlikely as well since “Steven Universe” is one of Cartoon Network’s hit shows, which is loved by viewers from different age groups.

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