'Battlefield 1' May Update To Offer Massive Changes, New Features

Weeks ago, developer DICE promised that an update will be coming to Battlefield 1 this month. Well, apparently, it has been officially confirmed and is expected to arrive anytime soon. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

According to PVPLive, the upcoming Battlefield 1 update will focus on bringing some significant changes and new features to the game. For instance, the developers will be introducing a change in the new in-game ability so as to repair the stationary weapons. Add to this are a couple of game mode changes and netcode improvements.

The aforementioned update is focused on bringing improvements really, rather than offering new features (though there will be a noticeable one). For example, the changes DICE will be bringing to the Operations playlist in the game. Instead of players having to move out and go straight to the game's main menu to find a new game, they will no longer be doing this once the update arrives.

DICE plans to allow Battlefield 1 players to keep on playing will the servers will find them a new match or game to play. They describe it as a "first step" towards making the overall experience of the game a lot better. It is worth noting that the community has long requested this functionality here; thus, it is a relief for them to finally see it soon.

GameSpot notes that the May update for Battlefield 1 is not to be deemed as a content update. Because unlike the latter, the forthcoming update does not necessarily bring balance changes. Let alone adding some key, quality improvements. Nonetheless, DICE promised to make it a significant addition to the game.

The said update for Battlefield 1 has been heavily detailed by the developers through the game's weekly livestream. To get an interesting view of it, please see embedded video below.

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