New Malware Infects 36.5 Million Android Devices

In a recent report, a new malware called "Judy" is found in over 41 apps on the Google Play Store, and it has infected between 8.5 million up to 36.5 million users. This is according to a report from security research firm, Check Point, which found the malware and alerted Google. The search giant has started removing these infected apps from the Play Store already.

 "Judy Malware" infected apps have dealt with research over 4.5 million to 18.5 million downloads on the Google Play Store. According to Check Point, Judy Malware is an "auto-clicking adware," and they spotted the apps developed by a company located in South Korea.

According to a report by researchers of Check Point, Judy malware is an auto-clicking adware designed to bring about revenues for its perpetrators by generating a lot of fraudulent clicks on advertisements. More so, these suspicious apps have been downloaded between 4.5 million and 18.5 million times and some of these apps have been on Play Store for certain years. Check Point has reportedly notified the search giant about the malware.


Check Point in a report explained, "Judy relies on the communication with its Command and Control server for its operation" and makes it similar to Skinner and FalseGuide malware which previously penetrated Google play.

Here's How To Protect Yourself From This Malware

First, before downloading any apps, try to read all the user reviews, comments and as well check for any malicious behavior of the applications. Second, keep all your system updated with the latest software and security patch. Try some VPN services, when connected to a public network and install an antivirus program, this could be very helpful. Lastly, choose a strong password, which cannot be easily guessed and as much as possible, include as many vague symbols or characters for maximum safety.


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