Tesla Model 3 Interior Photo Revealed And It Looks Very Stunning

Pictures and sketches of Tesla Model 3 release candidates have been increasing on the internet lately. However, we still had a very few and limited view of the vehicle’s interior layout. Not until today that the very stunning inside look and unique dashboard of the interior of Model 3 have been revealed to the public.

First Introduction Of Tesla Model 3

When Tesla introduced the first design of the Model 3 last year, the response of the people was immediate and immense. In fact, reservations quickly began and the most optimistic analyst projections are acquired, according to BGR. Even Elon Musk, Tesla's CEO, was taken aback by the huge interest in the company’s mass market EV.

With Tesla Model 3 mass production assumed to begin in just a few weeks, it’s considered that the current tally of the vehicle reservations is somewhere in the range of 400,000 something. With that said, the original Model 3 car introduction wasn’t a final display. On the contrary, the American automaker maintained that the flagship car remains a work in progress.

It has been confirmed that Tesla Model 3, especially its interiors, will top off on the line with Model S. However, it will never be able to match the body build and finish on the rival cars such as BMW. The initial Model 3 interior design was shockingly boring, as evidenced by the leaked photos before. Even for a $35,000 car worth, it's still a pretty sparse interior design.

New Tesla Model 3 Interior Design

According to Electrek, a recent picture will allow people to clearly see the vent running from one side to the other of the car. As described by the reviewer, the interior of the Tesla Model 3 is “a really unique ventilation system without traditional vents but only a single slot.” Aside from that, the car's center console looks really good and the prototype stop button is well attached.

All Tesla Model 3 release candidates are being tested by authorized engineers at different stages of readiness.  Therefore, the cars on the road are not necessarily the representative of the final production version, which is assumed to be unveiled in July. In addition to that, there’s also a blue and white Model 3 release candidate in the background.


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