OnePlus 5 News: Potential Launch Date Revealed

Outside of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the upcoming iPhone 8, no smartphone has made so much noise as the OnePlus 5. A fresh new leak or rumor comes out every so often, especially after its impressive high-end specs were detailed in full. This time, the latest leak answers what everyone has in mind, "when is the OnePlus 5 coming?" The answer to that question is June 15.

According to BGR, the rumor started from an internal email from OnePlus. The email, which is in Chinese, supposedly talks about making arrangements for publicity for the release of the OnePlus 5.

The launch of the OnePlus 5 was first rumored to be sometime this summer. Speculations also rose that the unveiling will happen in June or July. The leaked email finally gives a specific date as to when the OnePlus 5 should be expected.

Whether the rumored June 15 launch proves true or not, may still believe that the OnePlus 5 will finally make an appearance sooner rather than later. The flurry of rumors is just one clue that the much-awaited device is nearing its launch. The company is also said to be planning to discontinue the OnePlus 3T. A tweet posted a few days ago by the company invites everyone to buy the OnePlus 3T while there are still stocks left.

In related news, GSMArena reported that another leak has surfaced this time showing what the camera of the OnePlus 5 can do. The tweet from OnePlus presents a bridge taken by two different cameras. The one on the right is clearly the better image and is obviously the being referred to when the company asked: "Can you tell which photo was taken with the OnePlus 5?"

The correct answer along with the actual OnePlus 5 may be revealed on June 15. Of course, without any official statement from OnePlus 5 everything including the rumored release date and the high-end specs should be taken with a grain of salt.

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