Eve V Is Friendlier Than The Surface Pro And Microsoft's Okay With It

A startup has decided to take matters into its own hands and come up with the hybrid laptop that Microsoft refuses to make. The Eve V is seen as a friendlier version of the Surface Pro which may bode well for the startup

The Eve V is a product of Eve Tech headed by CEO Konstantinos Karatsevidis. The company depended on the kind gestures of strangers to fund for the Eve V. In return, the backers get the opportunity to determine what the specs of the convertible will be.

One of the features that give the Eve V the advantage over the Surface Pro 4 is the presence of a couple of USB-Type C ports. Microsoft refuses to add the said ports in its Surface Pro devices. The Verge noted that the company apparently believes the said port "has little ways to go before it goes totally mainstream." Plus, the USB-C ports didn't go with the Surface Pro's design, according to general manager of Surface Engineering, Pete Kyriacou.

Despite the fact that many are comparing the Eve V to its Surface Pro line, Microsoft only has good words for the startup. The company is supposedly impressed with the Eve V. Intel is not only offering words of encouragement to the startup but is also investing on Eve V. The tech company is rumored to have donated an amount in six figures to the Eve V's crowdfunding campaign.

As mentioned, the startup also crowdsourced to determine the final specs and details of the laptop. According to Slash Gear, the Eve V will come with the same processor options that the Surface Pro 4 offered. This means the Eve V will be available with Core m3, Core i5 or Core i7 versions. Those who backed the project will be glad to know that the Eve V will be powered by the latest seventh-generation processors from Intel.

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