Insta360 Air vs Ricoh Theta S: Camera Shootout

Photographers and camera enthusiasts have an ocean of choices when it comes to getting the right piece of equipment for their shooting needs and preferences. Add the new Insta360 Air and the Ricoh Theta S to the list of high-performing ad specialized cameras that professional photogs and hobbyists can and should consider.

The Insta360 Air and the Ricoh Theta S are two of the better 360 cameras in the market. Both gadgets will give that spherical photos and videos for a different take on subjects. The former is a great choice for those with limited budgets while the latter is a bit on the expensive side but its many features somewhat justify its price. The Insta360 Air comes in at a very affordable $130. The Ricoh Theta S, meanwhile, is worth $300. That's more than double the price of the Insta360.

Forbes noted how the two 360 cameras are extremely different from each other. In terms of design, the Insta360 Air looks like a futuristic black golf ball while the Theta S resembles a smartphone, only slimmer. The Insta360 also lack any feature for controls but does have a USB plug. The Ricoh have some buttons and lights for changing modes and determining WiFi connection. As per CNET, the Theta S is a simple 360 camera to use. Shooting a quick photo or video only necessitates a press of a shutter button.

The Ricoh Theta S also comes up with better images as compared to the Insta360. This should not come as a surprise considering you've paid more than twice for the Theta. The images recorded by the Ricoh 360 camera are clearer and has more realistic colors and color temperature.

To quip, the Insta360 is a serviceable and cheap 360 camera. It is enough for hobbyists or normal folks who just want to take spherical shots and videos. If you have some money spare and is more serious with this platform, the Ricoh Theta S is highly suggested, thanks mainly to its better quality photos.

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