'Overwatch' Horizon Lunar Map Now Available On PTR

Overwatch has just gotten its latest map on the PTR called the Lunar Colony Horizon. Similarly, there have been a few buffs and nerfs to several characters.

According to PVP Live, the Horizon Lunar Colony has officially made it to the PTR after a short teaser a few days back. That area is where the everyone's favorite monkey, Winston, was raised alongside his fellow monkeys and apes. They were given gene therapy to make them hyper-intelligent, but not everything went according to plan. Horizon has now been silent for some time, but communications have just recently been established as hinted in the datamined audio and the prompts in Lijiang Tower.

Gamewise, this is an assault map wherein attacking, and defending teams will have to take control of the station. Like previously added locations, Horizon has its own mysterious clues and hints that delve deep into the game's lore. There might even be hints to who the new hero might be as game director Jeff Kaplan teased that the next hero is "just over the Horizon" during a recent interview.

That aside, there have been several changes to characters following the PTR update, as per Polygon. For starters, McCree's ultimate now accumulates more damage in the first second. Similarly, Reaper's passive skill no longer collects orbs after killing an enemy, but now he gains 20 percent of all damage done to heroes as health.

Finally, Roadhog's head hitbox has been decreased in size to increase his survivability. Moreover, his clip size has also increased but at the cost of his fire power. His bullet damage has been decreased by a whopping 33 percent, but his fire rate has increased by 30 percent.

Those who want to test out the new features can download the PTR version of the game. Overwatch is now available for the PS, PS4, and Xbox One.

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