'Overwatch' Developers To Slow Down Hero Production

Overwatch has already released three new heroes since launch, and it seems like it is gearing up for yet another reveal sooner than later. However, Blizzard has mentioned that it might be slowing hero production in the future.

According to Dot Esports, game director Jeff Kaplan has shared a few things the team has been working on. Speaking via Skype on the PlayOverwatch Twitch channel's anniversary stream, he confirmed that the developers are working on upcoming content they plan to release throughout 2017. Moreover, he claimed that these new features would be dropping every month until the end of the year.

Kaplan added that there also "core" maps that will be arriving which is separate from the three new arena maps. Moreover, he stated that there are "some really cool hero news" that will be announced soon and he hopes fans will be excited about it. Naturally, fans flooded the stream's chat with "Doomfist" who has been a highly-awaited and teased character since the game's release.

In spite of his recent announcement, PVP Live shares that Blizzard might be slowing down Overwatch hero production soon. In a different interview, Kaplan mentioned that they do not have a specific number of heroes in mind, but they will be slowing down adding news ones over time. He noted that the game embraces hero switching meaning that players need to be aware of every character in the game, unlike MOBAs which enforce hero locking.

Adding too many heroes could make the game stale and seem like they are merely drawing ideas from each other. Given the previous heroes, Blizzard truly prefers to polish the new characters before releasing them. "...we prefer quality over over quantity," said Kaplan.

Blizzard has yet to share any new details regarding its upcoming hero. For now, fans can play the latest character, Orisa, who is now live. Overwatch is also celebrating its anniversary event that brings new exclusive content like skins and sprays.

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