‘The Batman' Loses Another Director; Will The Movie Push Through?

The up and coming “The Batman” movie starring Ben Affleck has reportedly lost another director. This is the second time the said position has been vacated. With all the changes that are going through with the production, fans are worrying whether or not the movie will even push through as planned.

Actor Ben Affleck recently stepped down as director of “The Batman” because he believed he could not focus on portraying on his role as Batman if he also had to juggle with directing the said movie. With that, the movie has been halted looking for someone to take his place. It did not take long for find someone and Matt Reeves has finally been put on board as director.

But it seems like that he will be evidently leaving the production because it has just been reported that he is in talks with Warner Bros. about it. It has been reported that nothing has been made final yet but decisions will be made when heads have cooled down, assuming that negotiations probably did not go well. With Reeves out of the picture, “The Batman” movie will be an addition to the DC movies in production that are yet to have directors.

In light of this, “The Batman” movie production is currently worrying fans that it might be delayed or maybe even shelved. Recent news has even reported that Affleck himself does not want to play the role of Batman anymore. This clearly would be a red flag to the production but hopefully, he will continue on with the movie especially when the script has finally been completed.

“The Batman” is a reboot of the earlier movie franchise and this time it stars Ben Affleck. His portrayal of the dark knight made its debut in the movie, “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice”, which paved way for stand-alone sequels for Wonder Woman and Batman. The story of the said movie is said to be tied in with the anticipated “Justice League” movie.

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