This Old School Typewriter Keyboard And Your Modern Device Is A Match Made In Hipster Heaven

Elretron wants you to type like they did in the old days. The startup company has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its old school typewriter keyboard dubbed Penna. The modernized take on the classic keyboard does look a lot like that of an old typewriter which is certainly something that the older generation and hipsters alike would appreciate.

According to The Verge, the Penna keyboard is simply a Bluetooth keyboard with the "old-time aesthetics of a typewriter". What sets it apart from other retro keyboards that want to cash in on the retro craze is that the Penna comes in more choices. It comes in classic colors such as black and white while hipsters will love the faux wood color. For the more adventurous, they can choose between pink and green.

Also, it has a lever on its left side that imitates the one that moves the paper one line up and back to the start on the old typewriter. The lever on the modern keyboard, called the Macro Bar, does not do what the real one did but it does give a little more retro look and vibe. Plus, it can be used to save buttons, words, and phrases.

The Bluetooth keyboard is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows devices. It also has a slot that can fit any mobile device including smartphones, phablets, and tablets to make it look like a cross between a laptop and a typewriter. Because it connects via Bluetooth, the Penna keyboard can also be used with desktops. The old school typewriter keyboard itself needs a couple of AA batteries to operate.

As Mashable noted, the old school typewriter keyboard is doing great with its Kickstarter campaign. As of this writing, the Penna Bluetooth keyboard already has $157,392 to its name. Aside from the relatively affordable price (it starts at $99) the retro appeal, which has made the NES Classic Edition a success, is the primary reason why 1,209 backers have already pledged their money for the device.

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