'Steven Universe' Season 4's Comeback Promo Hints On The Series' Ending After The New Installment?

"Steven Universe" season 4 has once again taken a break on Cartoon Network but it has recently announced on social media about its return. With a new preview of the remaining episodes of "Steven Universe," the emotion-arousing scenes are making some fans believe on the previous rumors that it is already coming to an end.

Following the previous teasers laid down by Rebecca Sugar, a bunch of new rumors about the future of "Steven Universe" came out, basically pointing out on the series' nearing end. Sugar has then teased her big plans for the new installment of her creation which refers to the recently announced season 5 of "Steven Universe." She has however followed up the statement saying she intends to make the season the best of the series since she is not sure if the show will still be renewed after the fifth run.

The cancellation talks became more hyped when "Steven Universe" went on another break. Fans were then alarmed when the hit cartoon show stopped airing episodes last March after the "Room for Ruby" title. The uproar was somehow reasonable since the show went off the air without any announcements twice in a single season. Cartoon Network has however extinguished the fire when it announced the season 5 renewal and the return of the current installment.

The kid entertainment channel has taken to Twitter last week to tease the remaining four episodes of "Steven Universe" season 4, which, according to CN, will go down on May 8. Fans were reportedly moved by the scenes in the 49-second promo where Steven seem to have already grown matured. With the boy hero already turning into a more logical human and gem, some fans cannot help but wonder if his coming to an age signifies the end of his journey.

Meanwhile, the 21st episode of "Steven Universe" season 4, which is yet to be officially released by Cartoon Network on May 8, has already been leaked online. A full episode video has been posted and re-shared on Youtube, and fans now know how the story of "Lion 4: Alternate Ending" will go down.

The comeback episode will feature Steven Universe trying to analyze his purpose by going over the video that his mother Rose has left behind. Lion has then led Steven to a secret place where they found a new videotape only to find out that it was just another copy of the film that they already saw. Rose has however addressed on a girl in the new video which left Steven very confused. After confronting his father Greg, Steven then realized that Rose only meant for their child to live a normal kid's life.

"Steven Universe" has already survived four seasons and it is on its way to its fifth run. Despite the controversies it already faced in the past, the Rebecca Sugar-creation still remains to a big hit with a lot of Cartoon Network viewers patronizing it.

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