’Destiny 2 News, Update: Bungie Gearing Up For Big Change; New Armor Stat System Coming?

Bungie is set to make significant changes that will improve Destiny 2 considerably. The game developer made this clear in a recent announcement that included the introduction of a new armor stat system. If these changes will really improve the game, it would mean a lot to its die-hard fans.

Bungie Previewed These Changes In May

Fans were given a preview of these upcoming changes in Destiny 2 in an event held last month in Los Angeles via a gameplay reveal made by Bungie. At that time, the game developer hinted that the game's subclasses will be overhauled, a new enemy focused on getting the Traveler's Light will be introduced and fresh locations will be added for gamers to explore.

There Will Be A New Armor Stat System

The recent news update for Destiny 2 reveals that armor will now contribute greatly to the gamer's defense, agility and recovery stats. In the previous gameplay, these three stats affect three elements of the game namely, the rate a player recovers his health after sustaining damage, his speed of movement and the damage he could take before dying. It seems that all these stats will now depend on the gear of the gamer.

The Story Narrative Will Be Better

Another element of Destiny 2 that will be significantly improved when the latest update goes live is its story narrative. There's a complete lack of narrative in the current gameplay because gamers have to use Grimoire Cards in order to get deeper into the game. This is one of the negative aspects of this video game.

Thankfully, Bungie is now rolling out a new system that will put this negative aspect aside. Bungie said that it has completely removed Grimoire Cards in Destiny 2. The upcoming update will bring in more voiced-in dialogues, cinematics, and in-game discoveries. Gamers will now be able to experience the game's story through character interaction and exploration of the game's open world.

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