'Dragon Ball Super' Spoilers: Universe 9 Attacks Universe 7; Frieza Conspires With Frost?

The ongoing Universe Survival Saga gets exciting as new spoilers have emerged. Official updates revealed that Sidra will be making a move against Team Universe 7 even before the Tournament of Power has started. Meanwhile, hints that Frieza and Frost might team up to betray Goku has been released.

Sidra Hires Assassins And Attacks Team Universe 7

There are still a couple of hours before the dreaded Tournament of Power finally commences. However, even before the official tournament has started, some have already planned schemes to make a move against other teams. An official update for “Dragon Ball Super” has been released and it reveals that Sidra, the calm and indecisive god of destruction of Universe 9, actually holds a grudge against Universe 7.

With Goku recruiting Frieza, this plan has reached Sidra and the god intends to put down Frieza to lower Universe 7’s chances in winning the tournament. However, to avoid the wrath of the Grand Priest as well as Zen-Oh’s, he has hired a mysterious assassin to go after Frieza. Fans are speculating that Sidra’s plan to thwart Team Universe 7 will not succeed as Frieza is a formidable opponent.

Frieza And Frost To Team Up Against Universe 7?

Anyone who have been keeping up with the ongoing Universe Survival Saga of the “Dragon Ball Super” anime series would know that things have been interesting. Majin Buu misses out on the Tournament of Power and gets replaced by Goku’s archnemesis, Frieza even if the team is opposed to it. Frieza’s unexpected return in this arc has sparked hype of his encounter with Universe 6’s warrior, Frost and fans hope to see a good fight.

However, it seems like the opposite will happen as one of the voice actors, Ryusei Nakao in “Dragon Ball Super” revealed that the first conversation between Frost and Frieza has been completed and it seems like they will be scheming something together. Nakao further hinted that an unusual alliance between the two characters is in the works. Fans may have not seen this coming but they are not surprised that the two characters that share the same race unite. The purpose of their alliance remains a mystery.

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