'ARMS' Producer Shares Thoughts Behind Twintelle's Popularity

ARMS character Twintelle has picked up a lot of popularity ever since her initial reveal in the Direct. The game's producer shares why he thinks she has gained so much fame in such a short amount of time.

ARMS Producer Shares Thoughts Behind Twintelle

Nintendo's upcoming fighting game has gotten its fair share of quirky characters with their unique appearances and backgrounds. One of the 10 key playable characters is an A-list celebrity named Twintelle who fights using the fists attached to the two curls on her hair. Fans have been fawning over the fighter for various reasons but producer Kosuke Yabuki shares why he thinks she is so popular.

According to My Nintendo News, he claimed that his original favorite character was Spring Man but ultimately sided with Twintelle instead. He claimed that she is a "pretty rare character" for Nintendo to "put out there."

Twintelle has a "strong build" and he thinks that's why she is so appealing in a fighting game where the matches can get intense.Yabuki even stated that he and the team were not expecting such a positive reaction from fans. In conclusion, he is glad that they were able to create a new character design.

Motion Control vs Traditional Button Mechanics

In a different interview, the producer claimed that the development team prefers to stick with motion controls instead of the traditional button scheme, as per PVP Live. Judging by the recent Testpunch, motion controller punches tend to be more accurate than manually inputting actions via standard analog stick inputs.

Because of this, Yabuki is eager to learn which method pro players will use. Nintendo has already announced the ARMS Invitational at E3 so time will tell if the game manages to pick up in the eSports scene. The upcoming game will be releasing for the Nintendo Switch this June 16.

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