Nintendo Theme Park To Feature Real 'Mario Kart' Rides

A few new details have surfaced about the upcoming Nintendo theme park which is slated to be released in Universal Parks & Resorts. Since they are focusing on Nintendo-themed attractions, it seems like one of the rides will revolve around Mario Kart.

'Mario Kart' In The Nintendo Theme Park?

According to MovieWeb, the upcoming theme park will be called Super Nintendo World following a recent trademark application. While this may come off as a fake leak, the application itself is very thorough and seemingly covers everything Universal would need if they plan to build this certain park in the future. Amidst the application are some very exciting words that could only hint to the iconic Mario Kart racing.

"Organization, management or arrangement of kart racing," is the quote in question that has fans excited for the upcoming possibilities. If anything, this could just hint to normal Go Kart racing with Mario-themed automobiles but there is always the possibility of Nintendo adding its own spin to it.

Other Likely Attractions

Similarly, GamesRadar shares that the application also mentioned things about motorcycle and similar events with vehicles. This poses the question of whether the theme park plans to have some dirt bike stunt shows in the future. There are also mentions of arcade machines, costumes rentals and a "rental of storage media storing programs."

With this in mind, there might be a chance that fans will be able to play some famous Mario games at the park. Although, keep in mind that this is all still subject to change with nothing permanent as of now. Even so, all of these ideas would no doubt make it a popular destination for both gamers and fun lovers alike.

Fans will just have to wait for further news about Super Nintendo World and its upcoming attractions. The Nintendo theme park is scheduled to open on 2020.

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