'House Of Cards' Season 5 Spoilers: Thomas Yates Meets Horrible Demise; Will Conway's Story Bound To Be Emotional

The newest season of the highly acclaimed political drama series, “House of Cards” has finally been released. Netflix unveiled the fifth season, which had 13 episodes. Stars of the show shared how they felt with the development of the story in Season 5.

Thomas Yates is a character introduced in the “House of Cards” who is a successful author. Frank had asked him to write about the America Works jobs program. He was then revealed to be Claire Underwood’s lover as he maintains a spot in the show as a speech writer.

However, his time is up when Thomas dies tragically in the hands of his lover. It was revealed that Thomas will be murdered by Claire, which is one of the biggest and shocking moments in “House of Cards” Season 5. Paul Sparks, who portrays the role of Thomas, revealed his reaction towards this momentous event.

Sparks revealed that he was not aware of Thomas’s future but then he found out in the middle of the new season. He admitted that he was disappointed even though he was a fan of a good death especially if it adds up to make the story better. He explained that he was disappointed leaving the said Netflix show because the crew and the cast had become family to him and he already got used to being around them.

The actor further shared that it was hard working on the scene even with a good actress and director like Robin Wright, who plays the role of Claire, because death scenes are always hard. Despite the difficulty in delivering the memorable death scene, Sparks said it was fun filming it. He described it as “warm and fuzzy” because it felt like a great conclusion to his character.

Meanwhile, Joel Kinnaman revealed that his character Will Conway will go through an emotional phase in “House of Cards” Season 5. He elaborates that his character goes through an unraveling stage where he wins the election then actually loses it. Kinnaman hinted that the show will delve deeper into Will’s character this season and reveal his dark side.

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