Ubisoft Finally Drops The Hammer, Kicks Out Rage-Quitters In For Honor

Ubisoft has already iterated in the past that they plan to battle all rage-quitters in For Honor. And by doing so, they will implement a Leaver Penalty system developed specifically for the task. Well, so far, the feature is working as intended.

ComicBook reports that the video game company has released update 1.08 in For Honor. This update, in particular, brings the penalties that will be given to players who frequently ruin the game by quitting. This should somehow, in one way or another, boost the gameplay experience of the title.

It should be noted that players have since complained to Ubisoft regarding people who intentionally quit from matches. Apparently that time, the studio did not introduce a system or feature that counters it. As a result, rage-quitting became a rampant thing within the game.

The studio iterated in the past that they have always wanted to introduce a penalty system in For Honor. However, the company cannot simply do anything significant about it. That is because the game's network instability only makes things worse. How? Well, it also targets even the honest of players. Simply put, it was unable to determine which player really quit or disconnected.

As mentioned in the official patch notes, Ubisoft is now able to activate the Quit Penalty in For Honor. This will be automatically implemented in each match. As expected, leavers will immediately acquire a penalty. The developers of the game expect to reduce the amount of these exploiters in the long run.

According to GameSpot, the aforementioned update in For Honor also brought a couple of tweaks and bug fixes. For instance, Shinobi is now relatively immune to Guard Break whenever rolling is done. Add to this the rewards that players will receive for all Player vs AI matches. Lastly, they will no longer see the infamous climbing animation that happens whenever near a ladder.

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