Cheryl Burke Criticizes Abby Lee Miller For Her Traumatizing Approach; What's Next For 'Dance Moms'?

Since Abby Lee Miller was placed under the spotlight for fraud charges, the popularity of “Dance Moms” heightened. The said reality television show has brought in Cheryl Burke and she has revealed how Miller’s approach was not good for the girls.

Cheryl Burke Will Not Resort To Rough Teaching

Cheryl Burke criticized Abby Lee Miller for her tough approach on “Dance Moms”, hinting that it was not an effective way of teaching the young girls who aspired to be renowned artists. The new dance mentor shared that she noticed the girls, as well as their moms, were left traumatized and scarred thanks to Miller. Burke has just been working on the show for two months and she has already seen the aftermath that Miller left behind and she wants to change that into a positive experience.

Burke explained that she may also be strict when it comes to teaching but she will handle the situation with a different and loving approach. She said that she will not resort to yelling or screaming at the students because she does not believe in that method and will instead do it in a caring way. Miller, who have been with “Dance Moms” since it started is infamous for her rough personality, which usually got her into heated arguments with the mothers of her students.

What's Next For 'Dance Moms' After Abby Lee Miller?

Burke added that she will continue to be stern with her students but she want them to have a great experience with “Dance Moms”. The show will reportedly come back with Burke replacing Miller and there’s a lot of things to pick up. All eyes are on Nia Frazier who is one of the original cast to be still in the show. While she is already focusing on new opportunities, she will still be on the remaining episodes of the current season.

Her mother, Holly Hatcher-Frazier revealed that there are already 10 episodes worked on and she believes Nia will be the glue that will keep the group intact. The mother expressed her excitement over Burke replacing Miller and said that it would be great for Nia. She added that Nia’s contract has reportedly ended and that she isn’t sure what “Dance Moms” Season 8 will be about.

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