Cheryl Burke Says 'Dance Moms' Kids Left Traumatized Because Of Abby Lee Miller

Abby Lee Miller created quite a ruckus when she decided to quit the popular dance reality show, “Dance Moms”. Her replacement, Cheryl Burke has revealed that Miller left the children quite traumatized and this has shocked her.

Abby Lee Miller Traumatized ‘Dance Moms’ Kids

Lifetime’s popular reality television show, “Dance Moms” went through a lot of changes recently. Earlier this year, the show’s dance mentor, Abby Lee Miller quit the show as she faced fraud charges that landed her in at least a year in prison. After leaving the show, Miller shared that she wasn’t valued in the show and hoped that her replacement, Cheryl Burke would realize what she went through with the production.

However, Burke found something else and realized that Miller left the young students traumatized. Burke did not specify whether it was Miller’s fraud case or her techniques as a dance mentor that left the children scarred. Burke admitted that she too was strict but she wants the girls’ experience to be a positive one so she is going to do her best to make them feel confident.

Cheryl Burke Says No One’s Sad About Abby Lee Miller’s Situation

“Dance Moms” made its debut on a television screen in July 2011 and everyone who has followed the show would know that Miller was a force to reckon with. She was terribly strict and unnecessarily blunt that she drew criticisms even from the mothers of the young girls who are part of the show. With this, Burke revealed that it wasn’t surprising to find out that none of the moms misses her or are even sad about Miller going to prison. Burke explained that the moms and the kids are too occupied with giving their best to care about Miller’s situation.

When Miller left the show, she also claimed it was because she wasn’t being treated fairly and prayed that her replacement would be treated differently. Burke revealed that her experience with “Dance Moms” was actually opposite of what Miller claimed and she pointed out that the show actually treats them equally. Burke admitted that the moms sometimes do get on her nerves but she tries to keep them where they’re supposed to be.

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