iOS 11 vs Android O: The Battle Intensifies

The battle of the operating systems is heating up as Apple recently announced its new iOS 11 to match the previously unveiled Android O. However, both OS are far from being market-ready so it's quite difficult to say which one is actually better. We can, however, make a temporary decision based on what we know right now.

The Android O was announced a few weeks ago at the Google I/O 2017. Some of the features of the follow-up to the Android Nougat OS that were unveiled include the ability to auto-select information such as name, address, phone number, or business to copy/paste. The Android O will also allow users to create a thumbnail of a video or Google Maps navigation by shrinking them. This feature, called picture-in-picture, will let the user do other stuff while still able to see the thumbnail. In other words, it's great for multi-taskers.

As for the iOS 11, Apple has yet to unveil most of its features. The few ones that were announced include the capacity to pay through iMessage using Apple Pay. The iOS 11 will also allow audio to be played on a number of speakers in the home.

As Business Insider reported, Apple addressed one of the most common complaints from fans regarding the previous iOS. The tech giant will now allow users to access the iPhone's low-power mode from the Control Center. In other words, iPhone users can now easily turn the low-power mode on or off provided they have the new iOS 11.

CNET has already decided on which is the better operating system by far. According to the tech website, the Android O is winning this battle thanks to AI or artificial intelligence. The Android O allows Google Assistant to perform various tasks. It also comes with a new feature that lets the user copy a Wi-Fi password just by pointing the device's camera at it.

With so little to go with, the winner at this stage is indeed Android O. However, expect Apple to reveal more impressive features by the time the iOS 11 is officially launched in September. The Android O is expected to follow in October.

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