Death Stranding: Kojima Teases Cryptic 'Bridges' Message

Hideo Kojima continues to maintain secrecy about his latest project. The Metal Gear Solid and Zone of the Enders creator has captured a lot of gamers' attention when Death Stranding debuted at last year's E3. In fact, the game is one of the most anticipated titles for this year's game expo, but Kojima apparently confirmed through social media that it will not make an appearance next week. Instead, he delivered another cryptic message to his fans with an image of a star made of spiderwebs and the word "Bridges" below.

Fans are obviously surprised and disappointed at the same time since Death Stranding has been a closely guarded production since its announcement. There were a couple of interviews wherein actor Mads Mikkelsen was pestered with questions about the game, but other than some vague answers, the title remains a mystery. It is understandably disappointing for fans to know that the title will be absent during E3 2017. However, Polygon notes that the word "Bridges" has already appeared in the trailer showcased last year.

According to gamers, "Bridges" was actually featured in the most recent Death Stranding trailer that was premiered last year during The Game Awards 2016. A close-up shot of the scene where Guillermo del Toro is seen holding a container with a baby inside also shows a pin on his lapel. The image is a map of the U.S. designed with spiderwebs, while the text says United Cities of America (instead of United States) and Bridges in the same font as on Kojima's Twitter post.

Meanwhile, Hideo Kojima confirmed that he will be attending E3 2017, confirms Game Rant. So there might be a chance that he is just teasing fans to heighten the surprise. Other gamers are actually happy to know that Kojima Productions would rather continuously work on the game. Sources speculate that Death Stranding's appearance during the game expo might just open up more questions about stuff like "Bridges" and other small details.

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