Double XP Weekend Announced For Overwatch

Overwatch fans currently enjoying the Anniversary event have less than a week to grind for those Loot Boxes. The special in-game event is scheduled to end on Monday. Blizzard Entertainment wants all players to end the celebration on a happy note and decided to close out its anniversary celebration with a treat for gamers. The developers have announced a double XP weekend that begins on Thursday all the way until the event ends next week.

The double XP weekend will rewards all players regardless of platform with more than the usual points to level up and get those Loot Boxes. The Overwatch developers reportedly made the announcement on Twitter. Game Rant believes that the timing is a great move from the studio to allow players to maximize their chances of getting rewards in the next few days before the Anniversary event officially ends on Monday.

Blizzard Entertainment officially launched the Overwatch Anniversary event back last month on May 23, 2017. The even obviously celebrated the team-based shooter's first one-year cycle and its continued success. They threw in more than a hundred new cosmetic items that include new legendary skins for some of the heroes, says Polygon. However, some fans were reportedly displeased due to the alleged difficulty of getting the items through the Loot Boxes. Game director Jeff Kaplan assured fans that they "are listening" to all feedback and will work on resolving issues.

The double XP weekend bonus does not exactly ensure that Overwatch players will get all the new rewards, but it does make it a bit easier to get more Loot Boxes. The developers confirmed that all game modes that rewards XP will get the enhancement except for the first win of the day which already rewards players with 1,500 XP. Blizzard Entertainment's timing for the end of the event leads fans to hope that another surprise announcement will be made during E3 2017.

A news article recently confirmed that Overwatch players in China will eventually be able to buy in-game credit using real-world money. Blizzard plans to implement the patch soon, but it appears that players around the globe also want the developer to make the feature available internationally. The double XP weekend came as a surprise and fans are waiting for more surprises next week as speculations point to a new character announcement at E3 2017.

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