New Feature Arrives To Pokemon GO Via Apple's ARKit

Despite all the reported ups and down Pokemon GO is facing, the game still continues to be among the most titular titles in the industry. In fact, this popularity might even soar high, considering Apple's forthcoming ARKit. And thanks to this integration, a new feature is coming to highly celebrated augmented reality game.

Recently, the tech giant revealed the ARKit, which will be added to the company's list of devices to enhance AR functionalities of various applications. Interestingly, Pokemon GO is one of these and was even used by the company to showcase the said project. Judging by the way it looks, it's going to offer some new kind of AR experience.

According to Forbes, the hit mobile game on both Android and iOS is about to get a new feature thanks to Apple's integration. This is no other than the Team Family photos. It basically lets players put multiple pocket monsters in the frame so as to take a group shot. It is worth noting that the main element of Apple's upcoming product is its ability to track where the exact ground is while the user is using it. While this could project simplicity, it's actually a complex technology of sort. The aforementioned mobile game, in particular, is just able to project the Pokemon randomly on an area. With this integration, it should be able to tell exactly where the creature is.

In one way or another, Pokemon GO players will find this tech very useful. This is considering the fact that they've resorted to deactivating the game's AR feature for some reasons, one of which is it consumes the device's battery too much. While this does not really solve the issue directly, it should be enough to bring a new kind of AR experience to the community.

In related Pokemon GO news, CBC reports that, contrary to popular belief, the mobile game does not actually create the kind of fitness trend Niantic has promoted since day one. There was basically a study conducted by the researchers at the British Medical Journal. It appears that playing the game, in one way or another, only generates a short-term impact in terms of health.

The researchers suggest that while Pokemon GO works to promote health awareness in the first place, its influence does not linger on later on. People, eventually, stop walking or moving any longer. It just basically works on a short-term process, not exactly what the company thought it was beforehand.

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