'This Is Us' Season 2 Will Reveal Hints Surrounding Jack's Death

By Rae Mendez , Jun 12, 2017 07:34 AM EDT

The first season of “This Is Us” has left viewers with a broken heart when it revealed the chronicles of lives of the Pearsons. The NBC show was an unexpected hit and it has already been renewed for a second season. The next installment will reportedly tackle the untimely death of Jack Pearson.

Anyone who have seen “This Is Us” would know that Jack Pearson, who was the head of the family, was also the one that pulled and stuck the family together. However, the first season had revealed that Jack did not make it to see his children go off to college when he unexpectedly passed away. His death had haunted his kids and wife and it became a central point in the show’s story.

It has been revealed that “This is Us” Season 2 will delve further into Jack’s death. Dan Fogelman, creator of the said NBC show revealed details about the highly anticipated second season. He disclosed that the next season will show how the big mystery in Jack’s death will be handled.

He further added that just like the first season, the second season of “This is Us” will unveil another huge piece to the puzzle surrounding Jack’s death. So, the questions regarding his death may not be answered at all but more clues will be given throughout the second season. However, as long as it comes close to understanding Jack’s untimely demise, then the fans are good and down with it.

“This is Us” Season 1 was a breakthrough series and NBC was probably not expecting it to be a huge success. A television drama series about family and growing up, the show truly touched countless hearts. The first season introduced the main characters, bringing viewers back and forth through flashbacks and present-time events in their lives that it felt like they were part of the family, too.

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