Pokemon GO Solstice Event Kicks Off Today; Everything You Need To Know To Make The Most Out Of It

It seems all rumors about a new Pokemon GO event have been put to rest, as it is already confirmed by no other than Niantic. It is called Solstice Event, which will increase the spawn rates of pocket monsters under the fire and ice categories. This is definitely an interesting thing to look forward to.

According to ComicBook, the studio just confirmed that the next Pokemon GO event will see a dramatic increase of Fire and Ice-type creatures. It will soon start today at around 1 PM PDT. As expected, lots of interesting stuff will most likely arrive.

The aforementioned event will also introduce additional XP bonuses. These are only possible if, and only if, players get to complete certain actions within the hit augmented reality mobile game. For instance, whenever a trainer catches a Pokemon using the first throw, he is entitled to a certain bonus. It should be noted that this will only be possible during the duration of the event.

Apparently though, the Pokemon GO event will not provide bonuses on experiences players acquire from defending and/or battling gyms. This also includes the catching of Pokemon (except for the above-mentioned throw) and visiting PokeStops, among others. Still, it is an event worthy of celebration from the community.

Niantic's initial announcement did not explicitly say how massive the XP bonuses are. However, in a post from the main site of Pokemon, a certain figure can be ferreted out. For example, if a player gets 10 XP from catching a Pokemon using a curveball, he will rather acquire 30 XP as part of the event's experience boost.

Forbes reports that the brand new Pokemon GO event will end on June 20 at 1 PM PDT, confirming that it's also a week-long event. Among the Pokemon discoverable during this activity are Growlithe, Ponyta, Charmander, among others. Their evolutions, in particular, will also be included.

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