iPhone 8 Review: Latest Images Show Metal Frame

The development process of Apple's iPhone 8 is nearing, reports have claimed. In fact, suppliers are currently working on components that will fit into the best 2017 Apple iPhone. Today, a new iPhone 8 leak shows some of the important parts of the smartphone, which required to make the metal frame of the mobile device.

The metal frame of the images that has been leaked indicates that the upcoming Apple iPhone will be about as big as a 4.7-inch smartphone despite having a much larger display. According to BGR, the detail is hardly shocking, especially considering that majority of the iPhone 8 rumors say the smartphone will have almost the same dimensions as the existing 4.7-inch iPhones. However, there is a possibility that it will be a little wider and taller.

The new images come from a post on Weibo, and it shows the metal structure that will probably be used for mass manufacturing of the metal frame of the Apple iPhone 8. A language translation of the caption of the post seems to indicate something like “shell fixture” tat has passed testing and will be sent for production to Foxconn. Aside from that, the message also says that on the month of September, the Cupertino-based company will supposedly bring limited iPhone 8 sales. This makes sense in what’s already expected for the upcoming mobile device.

Various reports, such as from ValueWalk, have claimed that Apple may only have a very few number of iPhone 8 units on hand after the September announcement. In fact, official makers of the components of the smartphone are already supplying parts for the iPhone 8. However, the mobile device may go into the process of production only at some point in September. After the launch, the production should ramp up so that Apple will be able to produce as many as 80 million (or more) iPhone 8 units this year only. That number is the quantity of how many OLED displays Samsung is going to make for the iPhone in 2017 alone.


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