Massive iPhone 8 Leak Confirms Various Features And Better Design

For the record, the iPhone 8 is Apple's s most anticipated smartphone since the first-ever iPhone in 2007. Consequently, the rumors and leaks about this comprehensive redesign mobile device have been unparalleled. However, a recent massive leak on iPhone 8 confirms various information about the handset specifically its design.

iPhone 8 Dummy Model Confirms Various Features

The latest leak of Apple's upcoming iPhone 8 centers on a new dummy model of the mobile device that recently uncovered at Computex 2017 in Tapei. The news seemingly confirms a number of previous rumors regarding the iPhone 8, especially the majority of the front-facing display which is said to consist of one giant piece of glass.

The only thing that won’t be fashioned of a unique display will feature the earpiece and a series of front-facing circles designed for many functions such as camera and facial recognition. According to BGR, the dummy images shown below will give people an even firmer look at what the final Apple iPhone 8 design will look like.

Massive iPhone 8 Leak Confirms Various Features

On the other hand, according to Forbes, there are three alleged Foxconn employees who have set Reddit into a crazy state with a thread a gave away information about Apple’s upcoming 2017 iPhone. The details are not confirmed yet, but still, here are the things mentioned in the conversation.

  1. The 2017 iPhone is called the "iPhone X"
  2. There will be new dual rear camera with vertical alignment
  3. The front bezel will be thinner on the Y-axis
  4. Dummy models have Touch ID “but performance and yield rates were not good”
  5. No version is planned with a rear fingerprint scanner
  6. AuthenTech’s long-standing Touch ID or sensor capacitive touch module has been replaced
  7. There will be Facial Detection and a Retina Scanner
  8. And plural: “front facing camera modules”
  9. RAM remains at 3GB like the iPhone 7 Plus
  10. Charging will be wireless via a rear panel
  11. It will be “water resistant” like other existing iPhones
  12. There is no USB-C, Apple is sticking with its Lightning cords
  13. Production is indeed delayed


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